It’s been 111 days since I set the wheels in motion on “The Real Plan A: Build a Startup”. During that time, there have been many things I’ve done for the first time. I present to you a sampling in chronological order:


  • Quit a job
  • Applied (and failed to get in) to OSEB
  • Hatched a travelabulous startup plan (yes, you can blame me for the name)



January :

Look, these are absolutely personal milestones that likely aren’t that interesting to anyone but me. The point to take away is that barely 3 months into this thing I’ve learned more than I have in any prior 3-month rolling period and have had the most work-related fun in, like, ever.

If you think it’s scary to ditch a steady paycheque and you couldn’t possibly fathom to do it, consider it from the other direction. How frightful is it to stop learning, feel no inspiration, work with a team that you didn’t hand-pick on a project that you aren’t passionate about with a seemingly purposeless direction imposed on you from above? This is the real opportunity cost to me.

Fear is everywhere. Use it to propel you forward instead of holding you back.