Today’s is a quickie post on a subject I’ve given fluctuating amounts of attention over the last 10 years: personal style.

Style of Days Gone By

Right up until she passed away, my mom used to dress me. I vividly recall a vacation we took to the mountains in Austria, which had us in Vienna for less than a day before flying back. My mom and aunt spent the narrow time window galloping around shops, and came back with a huge haul. Two things I realized right then: one, that my mom bought everything for me and nothing much for herself, and two, that I was now a proud owner of purple flared jeans with orange flowers on them. The proudest. I’d love to share a picture if I can dig it up, because I wore those things for as long as I could fit my growing newly-teenage body into them.

I’ve only really had about 15 years of practice dressing myself, and boy – I’ve made some spectacular choices.

Still with my mom’s help, I wore an XL Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt and Adidas joggers for approximately half of my first year in Canada, in 7th grade. I was only 15 years too early to this trend.

Grades 8 through first year of university can be best described by the low-rider jeans plus baby T combo.

A pivotal moment in my thinking was when an office manager at my first co-op in 2006 – a fierce, older Jewish-looking woman with impeccable dress, make-up and hair – instructed me to “dress for the job I want, not the one I have.” Taking that to heart spawned a 5-year love affair with structured silhouettes and heels. This would cost me thousands of dollars, of which I retain almost none.

In 2007 I discovered eye make-up, and – naturally – went completely overboard. Shoutouts to the eyeshadowsluts and mac_cosmetics LiveJournal communities, that taught me to do stuff like this to my eyes. For a few years it would take me upwards of an hour to get ready. Now I hoard hundreds of dollars of MAC makeup as a reminder of this phase, very little of which I actually use. However, I am proud to be the go-to for my friends’ Halloween needs!

Current Style

Fast-forward to fall of 2013, which marked the beginning of my startup journey and the decline in number of fucks given about what I’m wearing. I began to prioritize comfort above all else, and due to limited available budget as well as cognitive capacity for choosing outfits, ended up with a cross between a capsule wardrobe (few items you love) and a uniform (a single outfit of which you have enough copies to wear every day).

Which brings me to today: a comfort-first, extreme capsule look that I like to call hobo chic. It comes with the rarest bit of dressing up.

I actually love it, and would like to carry it forward for a while, so this is the style I’ll stick with when DIYing my pieces.

Style Inspiration

Here are a couple of ladies that rock it out in my view:

Style Goals

So, with all that said, let’s reiterate my style goals for the next 94 days:

  • Make and wear 4 pieces for my winter wardrobe
  • Make and wear NYE dress/outfit

As I’d mentioned before, the reason I included these goals in my sabbatical is that I get “in the zone” while sewing every time without fail. This is an incredible feeling, and I urge you to find an activity that causes you to get it reliably.


If you guys have any suggestions, feedback, or tips that popped into your head while reading, shoot them over my way at, or leave a comment below. Let’s get this party styled!

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