I drove over to the Purolator shipping center today (more on how I pretty much always have to finish their job for them some other time) to pick up the supplies I had ordered from Curry’s Art Store. Inspired by this UX Booth post, I got the Tombow dual brush-pens in a couple of grays, a red and a yellow, and some Micron pens to add to my existing set.

Drawing supplies just in from Curry's Art Store!

I also grabbed a non-permanent marker as prescribed in “The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” to do a pure contour drawing on the picture plane – I had already gone over to Home Hardware and gotten them to cut a roughly 8″x10″ piece of lucite for me and put the horizontal and vertical guides on with a Sharpie. I’ve also made the viewfinders out of random cardboard (in the book, the viewfinders are asked to be black, so I actually filled the whole thing in with Sharpie one night – it was strangely therapeutic). Anyway, without further ado:

My first pure contour drawing, the foreshortened hand

It was kind of an interesting exercise – I had to draw with one eye closed to minimize 3D perception, with a comparatively fat-tipped marker while balancing the whole contraption on my left hand. I’ve been doing a couple more pure contour drawings and naturally, I was surprised that anything even resembling my hand came out of them at all. My next step is to do an actual 3D drawing based on one of these contours. This should prove even more exciting!